Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Pricking and Pouncing Day

At last I've made a start on Leah's Goddess Quilting project.....I printed the design out a couple of weeks ago and couldn't decide how I wanted to proceed with it. I asked myself  should I try  white cotton and paint the design or stay with black, black had obvious problems with transferring the design.  So I started with a cream  fabric, tracing the design was a doddle and last night I started to stencil with Markal/Shiver paint sticks, whilst I enjoyed applying the colour I realised that the speed I was working it would be another couple of weeks before I could even start thinking about FMQ which is what I want to learn.

Above picture shows my progress the colours on the scrap quilting lower right are colours I wanted to apply at some point to the goddess quilt.  I will continue with this quilt at a later date...Because I can't wait to start  FMQ I decided to start again this time with black fabric, only problem is I don't have a large enough light box or window that would allow me to trace the design onto the fabric, so I remembered I had a pouncing bag which I sometimes use for calligraphy, despite the fact I can do embroidery I've never used this method to transfer a design onto dark fabric...To cut along story short I took a few pics whilst I was working the design to show how I managed to get the design onto the black fabric.

Pic above shows a felt mat, pricking tool and my pouncing bag filled with chalk.  First I needed  to perforate all the design with a pricking tool, I placed the felt mat under the design (remember to protect your table from the needle.  the picture below shows part of the perforated design.

When I had perforated the whole design  it was time to lay the fabric out.  I held the fabric in place with tape I then placed the perforated design on top of the fabric  holding it in place with tape.
Then using the pouncing bag I gently stroked the bag over the perforated design, I was not sure how well the chalk was going through the perforations so did a second pass. When I was sure I had covered the design I very carefully took the perforated paper away.
And voila! one successfully transferred design, the only thing to do now was connect the dots with a white pencil to make the design more permanent
There is a little residue left on the fabric but this will soon disappear.
I'm sure there must be other ways of transfering a large design to dark fabric but for now I'm happy with this technique.
Can't wait to start the FMQ I know there will be lots of $%^& but does it matter if it's kept on the level of having fun.
Happy Quilting



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Stella Nemeth said...

It is an old fashioned method that has come back into fashion, for a very good reason. It works.

Some people sew along the design to let a sewing machine make the pricks, but mine won't sew without thread, so that doesn't work. The last time I did something this way, I used a pin, but a tool makes a lot more sense. I need to look for one of those.