Tuesday, 11 December 2012

WIP - Scrappy Quilts

Why is there no warning!!!.....Patchwork and quilting are addictive and yes over the years I've bought the odd fat quarter, who can resist but and it's a big but I'm not a quilter.  I've never had the patience and would get so frustrated at not being able to piece perfectly Ohhh yes I'm a perfectionist......So why did I foolishly start making a quilt???  Mainly because I felt guilty at a tub full to bursting with fabric and searching through the said tub I have to question my taste in fabric, yep some some of it is pretty gross.....So it was time to create but what?  I searched the web for scrappy quilts and was taken with Arkansas Crossroads block instructions can be found here at BellaOnline  I adapted my block to 8" rather than the 12" and the result is below.

Don't get too close you might see imperfect piecing.....I still have quilting to do but that'll be another story,  despite having a walking and free motion foot for my machine I've never machine quilted anything, but help is at hand, on my Christmas wish list is a book on machine quilting.....OK walk before you run I'll practise  first.

Now we get on to the addiction not only did I finish the above quilt top, being a glutton for punishment I also started the BIG ONE...The Country Medallion Quilt. Pattern from White Cottage Country Crafts  On reflection maybe this project was not for the novice or faint hearted but once started I ploughed on regardless, the saying 'Ignorance is bliss' comes to mind.

I'm waiting for additional fabric for the border and binding which is on order with a promise of being delivered within the week, hmmm still waiting after a month. So there you have it two quilt tops and I'm already planning the next I just can't stop Heeeeelp.

In between the quilts I also made this cute padded Christmas Tree plus one other for my daughter, I bought the pattern from Zigzags at a quilt show in Shrewsbury, plus a lap quilt which is a Christmas present for my mum, I got around the quilting by trying out the knot or tying technique which seemed to work quite well.   I cant show this as I've already wrapped it :-)

If like seeing other works in progress bob over to Freshly Pieced to see what others are doing.

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Lesley said...

Your quilt tops are fabulous and stunning! Don't sell yourself short...you are a quilter! Wow!

Karen M said...

The good thing about scrap quilts is that you can use lots and lots of your fabric scraps, and it doesn't matter if you think some of them are 'ugly'- they all look good when they are together!

Heather said...

Your quilt looks great and you are the only one who will notice the imperfections.

LynCC said...

Wow, Kathleen!!! What a terrific jump into quilting. :D So nice to have you in the Blog community, too. And, oh, whoa! That Chatelaine Medieval Town is amazing.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

I so love your Arkansas Crossroads quilt! I have one in florals that is ready to be assembled into a top and it is really motivating to see a beauty like yours.

Needle little Balance said...

Love your projects! You are a quilter! No doubt.

Melzie Belle said...

Arkansas Crossroads is one of my favorites (and on my to do list!) you are an amazing quilter girl! Don't sell yourself short! The only one looking for perfection (or flaws!) is you :) Just enjoy!
xoxo melzie